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Radious Total War Mod (TWR2)

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Template:Mod Information Table (no map) Radious Total War is a number of smaller mods that total to a large overhaul mod for Rome II: Total War. The objective of Radious Total War is to improve the Rome II gameplay experience in a variety of areas, similar to the Shogun II mod of the same name.


Radious: Total War acquired a hosted mod forum days after Rome II: Total War’s release on September 3, 2014. Since that time, Radious Total War not only continues to change and grow, but also stays compatible with the latest of various downloadable contents and patches.


This mod stays true to the Radious: Total War modding style found in the Shogun II Radious: Total War. Which means that is more correct to say Radious Total War is actually eight standalone mods (4 Unit Packs, Unit Pack Compatibility, AI Mod, Battle Mod, Economy and Research Mod, Campaign Features Mod, and Graphics Mod) that are still fully compatible with each other which collectively form a game overhaul. The purpose of having several smaller mods is so that users can choose from the dozens of options as to which aspects of Rome II: Total War will be adjusted and which parts will stay.


  • Radious: Total War includes 455 additional units in 4 culturally themed unit packs (186 in Barbarian Invasion, 134 in Rise of an Empire, 131 in Eastern Eclipse, and 60 in Sand Empires). The largest Unit Pack, Barbarian Invasion, gives 186 units for the Germanic, Iberian, Thracian, Briton, Celtic, Dacian, and other barbarian factions. Rise of an Empire Unit Pack totals to 134 units added to Rome, Carthage, Epirus, Athens, Sparta, Macedon, Illyria, and other minor factions. Eastern Eclipse Unit Pack gives units for Seleucids, Armenia, Pontus, Parthia, and other Eastern faction to a total of 131 units. The smallest Unit Pack, Sand Empires, gives 60 units to Numidian, African, Arabian, and Eastern subcultures.
  • Unit Pack Compatibility is a necessary installment for all non-English versions of Radious: Total War. This is from the added text modders put in the game, largely in Unit Packs. Without this mod, only English custom unit names and descriptions can be seen. Unit Pack Compatibility is available in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.
  • The AI Mod makes the AI change how it recruits and uses armies, resulting in a more aggressive opponent that uses balanced armies. There is an extra army recruitment slot for the player and AI. The AI will also prefer and try to build armies and military buildings. Diplomacy is also overhauled in this mod. The AI will more likely trade, arrange and improve treaties, and join in wars with factions they like, while also breaking treaties and requesting allies to go to war with factions they do not like. Most diplomatic stances and actions also give more extreme effects.
  • The Battle Mod reworks almost every aspect of gameplay warfare has been reworked to improve Rome II’s battles. The timer to capture the flag(s) is doubled, and the general aura radius was also increased. Almost every unit was balanced and had its morale, experience bonuses, combat bonuses, and projectiles changed and made more diverse, and shields, arrows, armor, and munitions are reworked. Unit stances and cohesion are also improved.
  • Economy and Research Mod main features change how cities are run. The food, squalor, and building systems and effects are rebalanced. Building costs and smithy damage bonuses are changed, and removing the technological requirements for military building gives the AI more varied buildings and future armies. The building system, building effects, and food consumption are also rebalanced.
  • Campaign Features Mod provides four turns per year and more armies can be under the player’s command. It is more difficult to provoke hostility and easier to achieve friendly relations with the AI, which makes the AI more willing to commence diplomacy with the player. Civil wars are removed. Major factions are stronger since they receive a slightly higher income bonus. Army and Navy stances, as well as Conquest Decisions, are reworked.
  • The Graphics Mod makes several changes in the graphics on the campaign (such as clouds and selected city/general glow effect) and battle map (smoke and dust animations) to help improve realism and in some cases increase frames per second. New loading screens and improved blood effects for Blood and Gore DLC are also included.

The Team

Radious – Mod Leader and Translator

Burebista – Primary Unit Card Maker

Dramabelli – Promotional Artist and Translator

Farsovereign – Unit Maker

GERULA666 – Logo and Banner Creator

SilentResident – 2D Graphics Artist

Swiss Halberdier – Tester

With thanks to:

Noif de Bodemloze – Artist and Unit Card Maker

Carcaju – Artist and Unit Card Maker

Champloo, The Wolfman, Zaskar70, Maffers, Alexander, Zamoo, MrMarko, SquireEwokonTitan, The Gravemind, Miris82, TuranianGhazi, Agent2P, Prussian Warrior, Wullie_Mac, Smarny, and Fidena – Unit Makers and Translators

Visual Material




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Shogun II Radious: Total War Mod

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