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Ranks on TWC

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Members of TWC tend to use the term Rank to refer to roles or awards that are shown as User Badges in a member's profile, or which change the colour of the users display name.

Users entitled to show badges or a coloured name include;


Prior to this amendment in 2015, Citizenship and other awards conferred by the Curia were referred to as 'Ranks'. The term 'Perigrinus' for normal members has also been removed from the Constitution.

Special Titles

A god in Colchester

A God in Colchester Empire.png

The current and only holder of this title is imb39. The story of this and the reason why he has chosen this title is from the famous novel "I, Claudias" (I, CLAVDIVS). Claudius became emperor because he was regarded as so weak and ineffectual by competing factions and as other parts of his family killed themselves. imb39 sees that he reached the top because he was viewed as harmless. He referred to himself as Claudius at times - though he doesn't claim to have any of his abilities!

One of the lines in the book is "a god in Colchester" so, Garbarsardar and a few other Administators gave him this title.



The current and only holder of this title is Garbarsardar. After Garbarsardar officially told site moderators that he's no longer the site owner and that he will be stepping down as hex as well, the entire moderation staff then decided to honour him in this way, for the services and guidance he gave them over the years. Ishan was the one that came up with the idea and later on pannonian and him worked on an oriental themed badge since he lives in Asia & some funny stories are attached to it. But later on jimkatalanos came up with this, which represents Garb's favourite director Andrei Tarkovsky & movie Stalker. Garb's stalking skills are renowned on TWC, he always knew about all the shenanigans and was aware of every drama and constructive activities going on TWC.

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