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Rebels (M2TW Faction)

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Rebels (M2TW Faction)
The Rebels' faction symbol
Name: Rebels
From Game: Medieval 2: Total War
Culture: Variable

Rebels are an unplayable faction in M2TW. If you make them playable using by editing the descr_strat.txt file they will apprear as "slave" instead of rebel. There are also no known bugs to having the rebels unlocked.

Starting Position

Faction Leader: N/A Faction Heir: N/A Generals: Varies Starting Regions: Aleppo (Seljuk), Baghdad (Seljuk), Vilnius (Livonian), Tbilisi (Steppe), Jedda (Arab), Mosul (Seljuk), Edessa (Seljuk), Arguin (Saharan), Timbuktu (Saharan), Valencia (Spanish), Dijon (Burgundian), Metz (Burgundian), Antwerp (Flemish), Bruges (Flemish), Florence (Italian), Cagliari (Island), Ajaccio (Island), Zaragoza (Spanish), Pamplona (Spanish), Durazzo (Greek), Dongola (Saharan), Sarkel (Steppe), Volga-Bulgar (Steppe), Prague (Bohemian), Stettin (Germans), Breslau (Rebels), York (British), Inverness (British), Dublin (Irish)




Victory Conditions

Short- Hold 80 regions and the Rome Province

Long- Hold 100 regions and the Rome and Tenochtitlan Provinces


There are a few things to get used to while playing as the rebels.

-The only naval unit that the rebels can create is a war galley (pirate cogs appear at arbitrary times)

-If you lose a battle all your forces that participated in the battle will be killed

-Armies and agents come onto the map at random

-You start with 5000 florins, but it will go quickly and greatly into the negitives

-You may (although rare) get a region because it rebeled

-You have no family tree and no faction leader, however every turn (or almost) a message will appear asking if you want to adopt ______ as the benefactor


-If you don't start off with a heretic you may want to start over until you get one

-Try to start making money as fast as possible

-When taking out a faction try to either only eliminate the family (that way you don't have to take the city) or keep the family members alive so you get them as generals.


-also see Rebels Details (M2TW Faction)

-If anyone who is better at making wiki pages wishes, feel free to improve on the page :)

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