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Rebels (RTW Faction)

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Rebels (RTW Faction)
The Rebels' faction symbol
Name: Rebels
From Game: Rome: Total War
Culture: Variable


A naturally unplayable (although they can be unlocked by modification of the game files, more information on which can be found on this page) faction found in the older Total War games, the rebels are unique. They represent all minor states and nations that are not in the game as separate factions. When a settlement has low public order, usually lower than 70%, rebellion will occur. When a settlement rebels there are two options:

  • It will become a Rebel city and will have average army consisted of units that usually can be recruited there
  • Instead of revolting to the Rebels it will return to its previous (for example: if the Romans conquer Carthage and the faction Carthage dies and later on in the game the Egyptians take Carthage but it rebels, it will become Roman) or historical owner, ex. Cyrene often revolts and becomes Greek or Macedon

There are also various brigands that represent thieves, robbers and other disruptive influences in a province. They will appear inside territories and regions under control of other factions, including yours. They must be repelled fast because they have several damaging effects on your economy:

  • Devastation: Simulating the destruction of roads, villages, farmland and everything around them, which harms your economy.
  • Blocked Roads: When brigands are near or on your roads, it will reduce the trade income for that settlement.
  • Watchtowers: If a rebel army moves onto one of your watchtowers, it will remove the sight bonus that you receive from that watchtower.

There are also sea brigands, known as pirates. When they appear they prey upon passing ships and sometimes are brave enough to blockade a port.

Types of Rebels

  • Brigands and Pirates will attack almost any faction. In this they can block trade routes and ambush passing armies. Pirates will also cut off sea-trade routes and blockade ports.
  • Deserters and Freed slaves are any troops or slaves that had once belonged to a faction. They usually hide in the countryside and tend not to rob factions. Freed slaves usually are made up of Peasent units as well as Town-watchmen units. Yet Deserters are much more skilled and tend to have better units. Sometimes, the Deserter armies maybe led by a General. They may even attempt to capture cities on occasion.
  • Independent Kingdoms and Rebel Cities are Rebel-faction cities that have been either over-run or conquered. Non-faction cities which have existed independently since the beginning of the game and have never been conquered. They usually have some very basic military units like Militia Hoplites or Town Watch, although if left unconquered, they may grow and develop a stronger/large amount of units.
  • Amazon Rebels can only be found in the province of Hyperboria which, in the game, is located far to the north (in what is now Russia) and is difficult to reach due to the terrain. They have their own very powerful unique units, including Amazon chariots and gigantic war elephants which is a game secret called "Yubtseb" ("bestbuy" backwards).
  • The Gladiator Uprising may appear in settlements that have an Arena or better. They are usually just Gladiator units but do also differ. In reality, they are similar to Spartacus.
  • Judean Zealots are units that are created whenever, only, Jerusalem revolts against the faction that rules the city. They are good infantry with good morale. They can be very difficult if you are using weaker type units.
  • Helot Uprising are a group of Rebel Slaves that overthrow Sparta and tend to have high morale.

Bear in mind that you can also bribe Rebels and by doing so you have a higher chance of buying them out/into your army.

Barbarian Invasion

In the first expansion pack for Rome: Total War, Barbarian Invasion, the rebels start with the following settlements:

  • Campus Frisii (Tribus Frisii)
  • Campus Chattii (Tribus Chattii)
  • Campus Marcomanni (Tribus Marcomanni)
  • Campus Quaddi (Tribus Quadi)
  • Campus Iazyges (Tribus Iazyges)
  • Campus Barbaricum (Locus Barbaricum)
  • Vicus Vandali (Tribus Vandali)
  • Campus Sarmatae (Locus Sarmatae)
  • Campus Alanni (Tribus Alanni)
  • Campus Sakae (Tribus Sakae)
  • Kotais (Colchis)
  • Dumatha (Arabia Inferior)
  • Petra (Nabataea)

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