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Released Mods (RTW)

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Mods for the Total War Series
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for Rome - Total War

Mods that make extensive alterations to the vanilla game, including total conversions. For users convenience these have been categorised by installation method. The mods listed here are for the basic Rome - Total War game and do not require Barbarian Invasion or Alexander expansions, though some may have options for running under those expansions. For released mods for Barbarian Invasion see here.

Mods using Mod Folder installation method

The following mods are installed in their own separate folder within the Total War installation, so the vanilla game can still be played, and other mod folder mods installed on same installation. (It is still recommended though if you have the available disc space to make a back up copy of your Rome - Total War installation before installing any mod!)

If the method of installation is not known then mods will be included in the non mod folder category if any are incorrectly placed please edit them into correct category.

Amazon: Total War - Total Conversion mod for RTW/BI 1.6 aiming to depict matriarchal equestrian societies.

Chivalry: Total War - Total Conversion mod for RTW 1.5 (and BI 1.6) aiming to accurately present the medieval Early Era as well as fun and challenging gameplay.

Europa Barbarorum - Extensive mod for RTW 1.5 aimed at more historically accurate game experience, without sacrificing fun.

Extended Greek Mod - Historic mod for RTW 1.5 (and BI 1.6) aims to give more depth to the Greek factions, together with other enhancements.

Extended Cultures - Historic mod for RTW 1.5 (and BI 1.6) derived from the XGM 5.x platform, gives enhancements to all cultures and introduces some advanced usage of BI and senate features.

Fourth Age: Total War - Fantasy Mod, based on J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth. (for RTW 1.5 and BI 1.6)

Rise of Persia - Historical mod set in the 6th century BC.

Rome Total Realism Platinum Edition - Unofficial port of RTR 6 Gold to RTW 1.5 engine.

Sicilia - a mod which changed only what was necessary to make the mod playable and aesthetically pleasing, a mod that can be played in a couple of weeks and still be enjoyable....

Terrae Expugnandae Extreme Mod (TEX) - Total Conversion mod for RTW 1.5 (and ALX 1.9) Enhances Graphics as well as Gameplay of Vanilla RTW, coded for ALX engine which uses best AI performance, challenging battles, beautifully textured battlefield, environment and units, featuring the works of Respected Various Artists here on TWC.

The First Triumvirate (TFT) - Historical mod with variety of campaigns for Romans BC.

Mods not contained in Mod Folder

These mods require either their own separate installation of Rome - Total War (this can be achieved simply be copying the entire Rome - Total War directory before installing any mods) or use of third party mod switching program.

BareBonesWars - Integration Mod for RTW 1.5 aimed at providing strategic and battlefield challenges.

Blue Lotus - Fantasy Mod for RTW 1.5 inspired by Chinese and Japanese mythology. Open beta released.

DarthMod - Historical mod with emphasis on increasing challenge to player - available for both BI and RTW.

Res Gestae - Historical mod starting at the beginning of the Second Punic War - limited download improving the Roman factions available.

Rome Total Realism v.6 Gold - Extensive Mod for RTW 1.2 intended to improve historical realism and game play.

Roma Surrectum - Roma Surrectum (meaning "Rome Arises") is a full conversion for RTW 1.5, featuring 35 legions.

Roma Surrectum II - Roma Surrectum II (meaning "Rome Arises") is the long awaited sequel to the original RS, improving upon the first installment and enhancing game play

SPQR Total War - Extensive Mod for RTW 1.5 geared towards big battles involving huge armies and towards creating immersion mainly for the Roman player.

Terrae Expugnandae - Extensive Mod for RTW 1.5 aimed first and foremost at improving the gameplay of RTW.

Res Bellicae - Massive Mod for RTW 1.5/ALX completely changing almost everything

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