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Released Mods (RTW Barbarian Invasion)

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Mods for the Total War Series
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Major Modifications for Barbarian Invasion

Mods that make extensive alterations to the vanilla game, including total conversions. For users convenience these have been categorised by installation method All mods are for BI version 1.6 unless otherwise stated:

Mods using Mod Folder installation method

The following mods are installed in their own separate folder within the Total War installation, so the vanilla game can still be played, and other mod folder mods installed on same installation. (It is still recommended though if you have the available disc space to make a back up copy of your Rome - Total War installation before installing any mod!)

77 BC - Twilight of the Republic - Historical mod based on RTRPE

58 BC - Caesar Imperator - Historical mod that recreates the campaigns of Gaius Iulius Caesar

Amazon:Total War - Reignited - Anthropological mod for BI 1.6 - Set in the year 270BC, An uprising of Amazon Factions to end the world the rules of men.

Arthurian Total War - The Raven Feeders v0.73 - Historic mod focusing on Northern Gaul, Ireland and Britain staring date 481 AD. Saxon, Jute and Angles major incursions into Briton.

Chivalry: Total War - Historic mod for BI 1.6 (and RTW 1.5) - Set in the medieval era from the year 1072 to 1222 AD

End of Days - Fantasy Mod - An alternative history of darkness and evil.

End of Days II - Lycan Rising - Fantasy Mod - Werewolves and vampyres fighting it out with humans and not so humans on a fantasy map.

Fourth Age Total War - Fantasy Mod - Based on J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth. (for RTW 1.5 and BI 1.6)

Imperator II - A Rome mod base on RTRPE featuring historical named Roman Legions

Invasio Barbarorum - Historic mod starting in 410AD - sub mods also available. Version 7 contained in mod-folder.

RTR VII-The Iberian Conflict - TIC covers action on the Iberian Peninsula from 238 to 218 BC.

RTR VII-Fate of Empires - Following The Iberian Conflict (TIC), FOE will focus on the titanic struggle for dominance and survival in the western Mediterranean, starting during the 3rd Century BC.

RTR VII - The final version of Rome Total Realism saga base on Rome Total War & Barbarian Invasion.

Multi-Mod Sampler - Unit Sampler Mod - Vanilla RTW 1.5 with inserted units and info from 9 top RTW/BI/ALX mods.

Norman Invasion - Historic mod starting at the battle of Hastings with the Saxon king of England, King Harold in 1066 AD. Map is British isles with a hint of Northern Gaul.

Gods & Fighting Men - Total War - Mythology Mod - Enter Irish myth in this Alexander mod.

Viking Invasion II - Historic mod starting aiming to recreate the campaign of MTW: Viking Invasion. 851 AD. Britain, Ireland and the beginning of Norway, Denmark and Northern Gaul.

Mods not contained in Mod Folder

These mods require either their own separate installation of Rome - Total War (this can be achieved simply be copying the entire Rome - Total War directory before installing any mods) or use of third party mod switching program.

Ancient Empires - Historical mod focused on Roman Republic. Starts in 280 bc when consuls of Rome were Publius Valerius Laevinus and Tiberius Coruncanius.

Arthurian Total War - Historic mod focusing on Northern Gaul and Britain staring date 481 AD.

Crusader Total War - Historic mod set between 1118 and 1291AD. Battle maps only.

Ogniem i Mieczem: Total War - Historic mod for 17 c. period. Battle maps only.

Rise of Three Kingdoms - Historic mod set in ancient China.

Troy Total War - Historic mod based on the Trojan War.

Vlad: Total War - Extensive revisions to the Barbarian Invasion game.

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