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Required Triggers (M2-Scripting)

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M2TW Modding Index

This table shows the Script Triggers required by Conditions and Exported by Events, and exactly how many times they are required and exported so as to establish the most used and least used triggers.

Sortable table, click header to sort column.

Medieval II DocuDemons - Script Triggers Table
Script Trigger Needed Exported
character_record 1084 TBD
faction 1542 TBD
settlement 2026 TBD
enemy_unit 2516 TBD
player_unit 2516 TBD
target_faction 3012 TBD
resource_description 3510 TBD
region_id 4005 TBD
prior_build 4005 TBD
unit 4503 TBD
crusade 4503 TBD
captured_faction_info 4503 TBD
target_character_record 4503 TBD
army 5002 TBD
event_counter 5002 TBD
fort 5002 TBD
mission_details 5002 TBD
infer_attacking_unit 5002 TBD
infer_defending_unit 5501 TBD
best_finance_option 5501 TBD
advised_build 5501 TBD
character_action_advice 5501 TBD
event_type 5501 TBD
event 5501 TBD
religion 5501 TBD
nc_character_record 5501 TBD
mission_success_level 5501 TBD
ransom_type 5501 TBD
sm_position 5501 TBD
target_region_id 5501 TBD
target_religion 5501 TBD
target_settlement 5501 TBD
Script Trigger Needed Exported
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