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Res Bellicae

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Res Bellicae is a mod for Rome: Total War focusing on three periods of antiquity, and utilizing provincial campaigns. The mos has campaigns for: Italy to the Birth of Rome (735-241 B.C.), Roman Republic to Empire (241 B.C.-117 A.D.), and Greek-Persian Wars (500-323 B.C.). the mod makes many changes to the game [1].

Release Date: March 2nd, 2008

Team and Credit

Team Leader and Scripter Gaio Giulio Patrizio

Skinner and modeller Matteucci Maximo decimo meridio

Assistant, History, and Web Designer Milite

Mapper Lucio Settimio Severo

Music Pack and Videos Tito Flavio

Special Thanks to: Big Bear and Nikeforos for his models King Louise Assurbanipal for his hoplites Ferres for his romans smeagollum for his orders pack

Special Thanks to Rome: Total Realism

Download Links

Download: Here

Release Thread: Here

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