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Res Bellicae

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Res Bellicae
Platform Rome: Total War
Mod Type Overhaul
EraClassical Era
Mod Leader Gaio Giulio Patrizio
Release Status v2.0
Forum / Thread Here


This modification changes, enhances and enlarges the Rome Total War map, adds several new animations and skins, whilst also enhancing the AI (Artificial Intelligence) of the game. This modification covers several periods of the time in a form of several different campaigns: Italy to the Birth of Rome covers the years 735-241 B.C. Roman Republic to Empire covers the years 241 B.C. to 117 A.D. Greek-Persian Wars covers the years 500-323 B.C.


  • Italy to the Birth of Rome campaign features the following factions:

Iberians, Gauls, Germanics, Romans, Dacians, Thracians, Scythians, Macedons, Greek Cities, Pontics, Armenians, Seleucids, Parthians, Egiptians, Cartaginians, Numidians, Minor Kingdoms And Republics (Epirus, Britons, Bactrians, Sarmatians and more)

  • The Roman Republic to Empire campaign features the following factions:

Romans, Gauls, Etruscans, Italics, Carthaginians, Greek Cities, Macedons, Minor Kingdom and Republics

  • The Greek-Persian Wars campaign features the following factions:

Greek Cities, Macedons, Persians, Egyptians, Minor Kingdoms And Republics

  • 1) 3 Campaigns
 Alexander(going from Marathon to the death of Alexander)
 --Imperial Campaign(going from second punic war to 108BC)
 --Italica(going from 530BC to the 220BC to see Rome arise in Italica peninsula)
  • 2) 11 Reforms
 --8 Global Reforms(including Marian, Imperial, Severian and phalanx ones to say some)
 --3 Local Reforms(Example:Gladius Hispanienses for Romans)
  • A set of completely new skins and models
  • New texture for the strat map.
  • New formations to have a better AI,esclusivelly meded for this mod.
  • New Game Balancement,including a complete new rework of units attributes and more historicalls unit speeds.
  • New projectile models like reinforced pilas etc.
  • Units just as historicall as possible.
  • New Resources like the Oracle.
  • Historicall Naval Powers.You won't see gauls with quinquiremes or something similar
  • Support for vanilla rome,BI and Alexander to have a better AI
  • A new Rebel Faction has been inserted to make rebels very aggresive against you.
  • New volatile traits that influnce your general army morale differently each turn dependly on your actions.An example:If you recruit mercenries you can get a morale boost(if they are saw as a

reinforcement by you units) or a lose of morale(when they are saw as stranger).This one won't apply to carthaginians due the fact they used merenaries a lot.

  • Inserted a new governor trait system for each faction.Macedons will get king,gauls Capoclans and more.
  • Spy removed,now you have the explorer,able to steal enemy supplies.
  • To attack an allied faction you need a diplomat or a casus Belli(you have been attacked).THis one will interact with the new scripted diplomacy engine i'm making.
  • A new reworked diplomatic system to favour alliances against big states or against you...
  • A new ability for archers that now got fast shooting and precision shooting.Artillery still got incendiary ones.
  • a new stat for eastern archers that now use hooked arrows that cause fear on enemies hitten by their shoots.
  • A new governor system.Now you can impose you kind of governament to any city you conquer(like Local Democracy or Oligarchic governament),and have you home govenramnet in your natal regions(like

Roman citizenship in italy) that will affect greatly the aor.To recruit your best troops you must train them in home governed regions so it will be better to control the sea to move them fastly where you need them.

  • No more huge cities and their huge walls.
  • A new disposition of walls to make siege more difficoults,including more towers.
  • Removed Sap Points,that now are script controlled to make ai use them and more historicall as they were rarelly used.
  • Historical archer ranges(eastern compound bow will shoot double the range of european ones)
  • 28 Numebered legions,in both imperial and republican forms(so 28*2 = 26) + caesarian X Gemina and Praetorians (so 58 kind of legions)

Imperial legions will be equipped for climates(suited for hot,normal or cold ones).

  • Other faction units can only be trained using mercenaries to simulate the

fact that they were not always available.So we have inserted a lot of mercenaiers.

  • New historical battle like thermopily and Zama
  • A new great music pack that is now FINISHED
  • A new Terrain that has phisical obstacles,so that you can finally say,i have attracted phalanx on a REAL difficoult terrain.
  • Projectiles now disorganize formations.very usefull against phalanxes.
  • Videos in almost any game scroll for a deeper experience.
  • A script that will have:
 1)Simulation of lose of control of the army during a battle.
 3)Sap Points Replacement script
 4)Post-battle exterminantion script to simulate AI post battle units extermination(Now the ai can massacre you units after winning a battle,or at least the script will do it XD so you are no more advantaged).
 5) a New year per turn script that simulate the different weights of periods.

so the years will pass rapidly when historically nothing happened and slowly in coencitated periods.

 6)New Automerge script that will unit very damaged units.
 7)New program that make possible to disable some parts of the script you don't like.
 8)Extra lose of money at the end of turn.
 9)Civil wars for greeks and romans
 10)Historicall characters like spartacus and Caaesar
 11)Diplomacy control script to simulate a better diplomacy evolution beetween enemy factions.
  • New buildings like a different dock and port system,new traits(including cognomen like "Africanus","Germanicus" etc for romans) and new ancilaries.

Between the traits we will include also bonus for those people how descent from the first faction leader(this way they will hav emore power that adopted or non-noble ones as those of noble birth were much more considered in that time)

  • Now the phalanx units cannot un-phalanx and run.you have to move them while in phalanx formation as this is proved to be more historical.
  • Completed the new formations.A new set of formations that will improve tha ai efficency in our mod
  • We have incorporated a lot of traits to show from wich tribe or gens or house the character came from.Those ones are ereditary .and even some Egyptian social traits,like the vizier charge.

I have also balanced the mod in a away that AI ytrains much more cavalries and different infantries for better balanced armies

  • Added a new thing:Naval important points.you must protect with your navy this points to get extra money.See the topic in the non-sticked section for futher more info.
  • Modded the game so you can hear troops screem phrases like "stay close" and so on.
  • Implemented Post Battle spoils on victory script to simulate the the income after a battle derived on enemy sacking
  • Added new animations:now they are more historicall
  • Found a way to reinsert the fire arrows in the mod.So now archewrs have 2 abilities(or fiery arrows or aim better ability)
  • AI improved by new formations and a scripted help
  • Added also religions

The Team

Team Leader and Scripter Gaio Giulio Patrizio

Skinner and modeller Gaio Giulio Patrizio Matteucci and Maximo decimo meridio

Assistant, History, and Web Designer Milite

Mapper Gaio Giulio Patrizio Lucio Settimio Severo

Music Pack and Videos Maximo decimo meridio Tito Flavio

Special Thanks to: Big Bear and Nikeforos for his models King Louise Assurbanipal for his hoplites Ferres for his romans smeagollum for his orders pack

Special Thanks to Rome: Total Realism


Release Date: August 2nd, 2010

Release Thread: Here

Main Modification forum on TWCenter.net

List of changes made in the modification

Visual Material

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