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Rise of Three Kingdoms

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Rise of the Three Kingdoms is a complete porting of an RTW mod "Three Kingdoms - The Fight for Supremacy" to the Medieval 2: Total War Kingdoms engine.


A campaign, which is set in the era of Three Kingdoms in China, from 194 AD to 230 AD, with every faction, clan or tribe of that time included. Currently, it is using a '12 turns per year' scripted system.

The mod is also aiming to place settlements and regions historically right as much as possible. This era's wonder are also visible on the campaign map with their own 3D models.


The credits so far:

  • Strat Models (siege, blockade and trade wagons models) were done by riczu74
  • Conversions (battlemodels, map, scripts and text files) were done by Gigantus
  • Scripts were done by GrnEyedDvl (multiple turns per year) and Gigantus (campaign scripting)
  • 3D, skinning and related things were done by Heathen Storm
  • Seether did family trees, translation, and historical researches.
  • y2day for his great 2D artworks.
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