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Romania (NTW Faction)

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Romania is a non-playable faction in Napoleon: Total War.It can emerge by rebellion in Wallachia or by liberating Wallachia should you capture it. Regions:

  • Wallachia

Capital city:Bucharest Smaller towns:Ploiesti Farmland,Craiova(Industrial Center) If you are the nationalist type or have the Napoleon:Total Factions mod,you can go for the other Principalties: Moldova & Bessarabia Capital:Iasi Smaller towns:Chisinau Transylvania: Capital:Klausenburg Smaller towns:Hermannstadt(Industrial Center)Kronstadt Forests(Undeveloped) Names and language are influenced by the liberator.The army isn't very special,but,in real life,it had a few unique units(the Dorobanti,the Vanatori,the 30th Honor Guard Regiment).

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