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Rome: Total War Portal

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Welcome to Rome: Total War on the TWC Wiki


Rome: Total War is a game in the Total War Series developed by the Creative Assembly.
The game was released in 2004 and is still popular with players and modders. The game covers the period 270BC to AD 14 with a campaign that ranges across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The expansions Alexander and Barbarian Invasion run on Rome: Total War.

RTW Modding Spotlight

Cantabrian Wars

Cantabrian Wars mod logo

Cantabrian Wars 0.3 won the favourite hosted mod category for Rome Total War in the TWC 2017 modding awards!

Created by the same author as the award winning Hispania in the Middle Ages for Medieval II, Cantabrian Wars is also set in Hispania and is based around the final stage of the Roman conquest in 29-19BC. The challenge of the campaign is to survive the Roman invasion. Version 0.3 released in April 2018 includes script improvements, re-balanced buildings and resources, and additional custom battle scenarios.

  • Read more and download the mod here.

Europa Barbarorum

Europa Barbarorum won the favourite mod/submod category in the TWC 2017 Modding Awards for RTW. EB had a 2017 update to version 1.3c for both Alexander and RTW with changes to most aspects of the game. Work on version 1.32, which will include separate versions for Alexander and Barbarian Invasion, was announced in April 2018

EB-mod spotlight.png
  • See the hosted forum here for more details

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