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Rome Total Realism Platinum Edition

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Rome Total Realism Platinum Edition (RTR PE) is a community based conversion of Rome Total Realism 6 Gold (RTR Gold) it is a complete modification (mod) for Rome: Total War. It aims to provide the total realism experience on the improved engine and AI of RTW 1.5/1.6, instead of 1.2 which RTR 6 Gold was based upon.

The current version of the mod (1.9) features a few minor differences over Rome Total Realism gold;

1. Cavalry no longer have a charge value of 63. Different cavalry have different values, all are much lower than the 63 of RTR gold

2. Spears of units are sized to fit the scale, this means that hoplites are not able to form a phalanx (phalangites still are)

1.9 is currently the most stable release of RTR PE.

The original Rome Total Realism team have largely moved on to development of Rome Total Realism VII, however a large number of sub-mods remain in use or development for RTR PE.

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