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Royal Marines (FOTS Unit)

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Royal Marines (FOTS Unit)
File:Royal Marines FOTS.png
Class Elite Infantry
Recruitment Cost 1370
Upkeep Cost 180
Requires Buildings:
  • British Trading District
  • Melee Attack 12
    Charge Bonus 20
    Bonus vs Cavalry 7
    Range 125
    Accuracy 70
    Reloading Skill 65
    Ammunition 15
    Melee Defence 7
    Armour 2
    Morale 12
    Speed 4


    Manning guns aboard ship or carrying a rifle ashore, Royal Marines always rise to a challenge.

    These are well-trained and disciplined infantrymen carrying the latest breech-loading rifles available. They are capable of delivering accurate, withering and rapid fire on enemy units and, when they close, can give a very good account of themselves in melee. Given the traditions of the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy they also have excellent morale, making them superior quality line infantry.

    Royal Marines were the British Admiralty's private land-going army. Although they might look like soldiers and fight like soldiers, they were not part of the British Army. They traced their origins back to 1664, but they formally became marines in 1755. This gave them a long tradition of sea-service and, given the controlled aggression of the Royal Navy over the centuries, plenty of practice in fighting. The example of Admiral Byng's execution for not attacking the enemy made sure that Royal Navy ships would almost always attack, and that no officer would pass up an opportunity to harm an enemy.

    Marines were usually distributed across the whole fleet, and operated guns in sea battles, often with great skill and bravery. Ashore, they were the backbone of most expeditionary forces, and were expected to give a good account of themselves in any situation from a set-piece battle to a cutting-out raid. One peculiar quirk of the Royal Marines (and this in a navy which specialises in quirky behaviour) was the rank of Colonel of Marines. Despite the name, this was given to RN captains who did distinguished service: a nice way of boosting their pay and honouring them.

    Strengths & Weaknesses

    • Very good accuracy and reload rate.
    • Good in melee.
    • Very good morale.
    • Maximum Limit: 3 Units per Clan in Campaign.

    Special Abilities

    • Kneel Fire
    • Suppression Fire

    United States Marines VS Royal Marines VS Infanterie de Marine

    United States Marines Royal Marines Infanterie de Marine
    Recruitment Cost 1340 1370 1430
    Upkeep Cost 170 180 180
    Melee Attack 13 12 11
    Charge Bonus 20 20 20
    Bonus vs Cavalry 7 7 7
    Range 125 125 125
    Accuracy 65 70 75
    Reloading Skill 60 65 70
    Ammunition 15 15 15
    Melee Defence 8 7 6
    Armour 2 2 2
    Morale 12 12 12

    Pros & Cons

    • The United States Marines are the cheapest in recruitment and upkeep costs and can hold their own against charging infantry and cavalry units. On the other hand, their lesser skill with the rifle means that they tend to cause less damage than expected.
    • The Infanterie de Marine can deliver several crippling volleys with their superb accuracy and reloading skills which is very helpful in preventing enemy cavalry from reaching your lines and becoming a serious threat. Unfortunately, they're very expensive and won't last long against dedicated melee units.


    • Players who are concerned with the threat of being tied up in melee should go with recruiting United States Marines.
    • Players that aren't concerned about melee and want to make every shot count should invest in Infanterie de Marine.
    • The Royal Marines offer a balanced compromise between cost, melee, and shooting.

    Second Opinion

    • Rifle units are purely meant for shooting, not engaging in melee. Therefore, the Infanterie de Marine are the best unit to have.
    • If the United States Marines are recruited in a Province that has both a Firing Range and a Gunsmith, the Exceptional Accuracy Bonus will make them the best Elite Infantry unit overall in terms of shooting and melee.
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