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Royal Welsh Fusiliers (ETW Unit)

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Royal Welsh Fusiliers (ETW Unit)
Eua royal welsh info infm.png
Class Elite Grenadiers
Unit Size 80 Men
Weaponry Muskets and Grenades
Melee Attack
Ranged Attack
Charge Bonus
Region England
Recruitment Cost 1030
Upkeep Cost 230
Turns to Build
Unit Limit
Building Requirements Barracks
Technology Requirements Cadenced Marching
  • Can throw grenades
  • Can hide in woodland
  • Can hide in light scrub
  • Resistant to morale shocks
  • Inspires nearby units

  • Eua royal welsh icon infm.png Elite grenade-armed troops, capable of fighting in line with an impressive charge and excellent melee skills.


    Armed with grenades and a powerful throwing arm, the Royal Welch Fusiliers are far more than your average missile troop. Their skills extend past the throwing of highly explosive projectiles, also encompassing the fine art of marksmanship, muskets being the weapon of choice. Although primarily expected to fight at range, fusiliers are also more than capable in melee and on the charge. Their only real weakness is artillery and heavy cavalry who could charge them from the flank or the rear.

    The Royal welsh Fusiliers were founded in 1689. At this time they weren't known as fusiliers; this title was not bestowed upon them until 1702. A further addition was to follow after the war of Spanish succession in 1713, when the became the royal Welsh Fusiliers. This was a variation of "Welsh" used at the time. Later members of the regiment would earn 14 Victoria Crosses (the highest British Award for gallantry) and can count famous servicemen and poets Siegfried Sassoon and Robert Graves amongst their number.


    Royal Welsh Fusiliers are recruitable only in England and are a unique, Elite Infantry. As with their Grenadier counterparts, Royal Welsh Fusiliers should be placed directly behind friendly lines so that they can unleash their explosive payload on incoming enemy soldiers. Another tactic is to let your line infantry to "hold" the enemy in place while using the Grenadiers to flank them and deliver a accurate volley. If used correctly, the enemy unit will rout rather quickly because of the Grenadiers reloading time. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the morale boost the Royal Welsh Fusiliers have on friendly units, they should be placed in the middle of the line. Due to the fact that the Royal Welsh Fusiliers have high morale and combat statistics, they can be relied upon in the heat of battle.


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