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Saxons (M2TW Faction)

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Saxons (M2TW Faction)
Faction Symbol for Saxons
Name: Anglo-Saxon England
From Game: Medieval II: Total War
Culture: Northern European

The Saxons are a non-playable and do not appear in the Grand Campaign without modding. They appear in the Tutorial and in the historical Battle of Hastings.


Faction Details

The Saxons of Medieval II: Total War only appear in "The Norman Conquest" tutorial campaign, where they control London and Nottingham. The campaign, starting in 1066, pits the Normans against the Saxons for control of England. The Saxons are isolated in their strongholds, and can be easily picked off relatively quickly by completing the mandatory steps of the tutorial.

Starting Position

  • London: English Capital; - South East England
  • Nottingham: English Castle; - Central England

One bug with the Saxons is that they cannot build religious buildings; although they can use the Religious buildings of other Catholics and recruit Priests. They also cannot build non-Gunpowder ships and they cannot recruit siege equipment units even though they can build the proper buildings.

Campaign Objective

hold regions Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem and take 45 regions


The Saxons are not intended for use in campaign, and have an extremely limited roster. They have some good early game Infantry and an interesting Bodyguard, which makes them decent in the beginning of the game. But with poor archers, no cavalry, no militia and no higher level troops, their roster soon becomes completely outdated compared to all other factions.

  • Light Infantry
    • Peasants
  • Spear/Pike Infantry
    • Peasant Spearman
    • Theigns
  • Heavy Infantry
    • Huscarls
    • Earl's Huscarls
  • Light Cavalry


  • Heavy Cavalry


  • Missle
    • Peasant Archer
  • Artillery


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Saxons Details (M2TW Faction)

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