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Saxons Details (M2TW Faction)

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Saxons Overview

At the tutorials's start in 1066, Saxons's position is weak. They are surrounded by Rebel settlements and the Scots to the North, while The English to the South and already have a large force near London.

Nottingham is located in what now is Central England, and London is located in what now is South East England.

At the game's start in 1080, Saxony no longer exists and has been absorbed by England.

Location in grand campaign depends on the modder (the fallowing is the impression that the modder chose York)

From York, conquering and developing the conquered rebel provinces of Caenarvon and Dubland if extremely quick and lucky are your first targets. On the First turn it is suggested and very easy to make a marrage alliance with either Scotland or England (assuming the modder added a Saxon princess). Then it is time to take out either Scotland or England (or both without an alliance) and secure a strong foot hold in the British Isles. Concentrating all military efforts on quickly destroying the enemy in as short a time as possible is a great stratagy, that way you can avoid Excommunication.

Though they do face trouble on multiple fronts, due to their position. The Scots to the north are isolated from the rest of Europe, and do not have a strong ally from the mainland. The English may be an issue, but if you attack during a war against france you may catch them off guard.

The Saxons lack any form of calvalry (even generals have footman), have no artilary, have only peasent archers for missile infantry, and lack cogs and holks (but they do have gunpowder ships). They do how ever have the Theigns, a heavily armored spear man which rips horses and other infantry apart and can only be stopped by the heaviest infantry.



Somewhat secure starting position and some very good early melee infantry units.


Has to contend with England and Scotland and possibly Denmark to secure the empire. Lacks horseman, gunpowder, artillary, late game land units, early game ship units, good archers, churches and easy access to the holy lands. Some of the British Isles are devoid of resources and severely backward in development. A strong and well developed trade empire and maritime power will take time to construct and significant manpower and skill to manage. Oh and stay away from the Mongols, because they will destroy you.


A fairly weak early game faction, and a complete joke near mid game and beyond.

Starting Info

Starting Position


  • London: English Capital; - South East England
  • Nottingham: English Castle; - Central England

In the grand campaign it depends on the modder

Infantry Details

The Saxons have only 5 infantry units, and the sad part is that that is their strongest asset. They have Peasents who are useless. Peasent Spearman who are good against calvalry, however they will likely rout after only one calvalry charge and are only useful behind Theigns. Theigns are by far the strongest, best, most heavily armored spearman ever and can easily take any light infantry, any calvalry, and most early heavy infantry. Huscarls are hard hitters, but lack good armour, and can only take light infantry reliably. Earls Huscarls (or King Harold) are the generals bodyguard, and are a little bit better than regular Huscarls, but not by much, while the are interesting at first the novelty wears of quick and you wish you had calvalry.

Missile Details

The only missile unit at your disposal is peasant archers, and rich Saxons have mercinary crossbowman aswell (very unlikly). Although peasant archers are not the cream of the crop, they are far better than nothing and are a necessary and welcome addition to any Saxon army.

Cavalry Details

Lacks any form of calvalry with the exception of mercinaries (big problem).

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