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Schleswig-Holstein (ETW Faction)

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Schleswig-Holstein (ETW Faction)
SchleswigHolstein FlagETW.png
Name: Schleswig-Holstein
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

Schleswig-Holstein is a cancelled minor faction in Empire: Total War.


Schleswig-Holstein would have most likely been a minor protestant German faction and probable protectorate of Denmark or rebel faction that emerged from a Danish-controlled region, similar to Norway, bordering Hannover and occupying the southern Jutland peninsula. Not only was the faction removed from the game, but the region it would have either owned from the start or appeared later in was also seemingly removed and is instead simply a part of the region of Denmark.

While it can never be confirmed, the original intention of another region and faction occupying what is now the southern portion of the region of Denmark would explain why said region has an unusually high number of ports (three) when compared to others of its size and wealth.

Like all cancelled factions, while it can never be played in the grand campaign without making significant modifications to the game, it can be unlocked relatively easily for usage in custom battles.

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