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Scipii (RTW Faction)

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Scipii (RTW Faction)
Scipii Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png
Name: House of Scipii
From Game: Rome: Total War
Culture: Roman

The Scipii are one of the three playable factions in Rome: Total War that are playable from the beginning (the other two, of course, being the other Roman Houses, the Brutii and Julii).


Being one of the three Roman families, the House of the Scipii will receive missions from the Senate, and will be forced to deal with the consequences of not completing them.

At a certain point during the game, the Senate will demand that your faction leader commit suicide. If you accept their demand, the heir will become the faction leader and the process will be renewed several years later. If you refuse, you will initiate the Civil War, a gameplay mechanic unique to the Roman factions. It should be noted that, once your popularity with the people is high enough, you can simply initiate the Civil War by attacking another Roman faction. Also, if you are playing as another faction the Civil War will not take place.

Starting Position

Scipii Starting Position (Click to enlarge)

The Scipii begin with control of two settlements, Capua on the Italian mainland and Messana in north-eastern Sicily.

Win Conditions

  • Long Campaign: Hold 50 provinces including Rome.
  • Short Campaign: Hold 15 provinces and destroy or outlast Carthage and Numidia.


House of Scipii General's Bodyguard.

All of the Roman factions share the same unit roster. The Roman factions are unique, however, in that once you construct an Imperial Palace in any of your Italian cities you will receive a message informing you that the Marian reforms have taken place. The Marian Reforms introduce a more powerful roster of heavy infantry units (such as the Legionary Cohort), which replace your older-style legions. Any older units will not be automatically replaced, they will simply continue to exist, but you are not able to train any more.

  • Post-Marian Units
    • Infantry
      • Auxilia
      • Early Legionary Cohort
      • Legionary Cohort
      • Praetorian Guard
      • Urban Cohorts
      • Early Legionary First Cohort
      • Legionary First Cohort
      • Arcani
    • Missile
      • Light Auxilia
      • Archer Auxilia
    • Cavalry
      • Roman Cavalry
      • Legionary Cavalry
      • Praetorian Cavalry
      • Armoured General's Bodyguard

Unique Units

Mirmillo Gladiators: Every Roman faction has its own unique type of gladiator, and the Mirmillo Gladiators are the ones that are available to the Scipii.

Corvus Quinquireme: A battleship that is slightly more powerful than a regular quinquireme. Becomes available when you build an Awesome Temple to Neptune in your capital.

Deceres - The most powerful battleship available to any nation. They become available once you build a Pantheon to Neptune.

Strategy Guides

A campaign strategy guide for the House of Scipii written by fallingsuperspark can be found here.

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