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Scotland (ETW Faction)

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Scotland (ETW Faction)
Scotland Flag.jpg
Name: Scotland
From Game: Empire: Total War
Culture: European

In Empire: Total War, Scotland is a faction that may appear should a rebellion in the region of Scotland occur. In the beginning of the campaign, the region is owned by Great Britain, which is not historically accurate. Historically, Scotland joined England in a union on the 1st of May, 1707. Scotland also had a colonial possession in the Americas, the Panama region.


The units of Scotland consists of the same as Great Britain such as the Black Watch and other elite infantry.

Edinburgh, Scotland in 1700

  • Starting Building – Governor's Residence, Army Encampment, Settlement Fortifications
  • Infrastructure - Basic Roads
  • Population – 831,761
  • Wealth – 2330
  • Religion – Protestantism 70.0%, Catholicism 30.0%
  • Starting Towns/PortsSpeyside Farmland (No Building), Glasgow (Trading Port)
  • Later Villages/Ports Iverness (Port), Dundee (Village)
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