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Scotland (M2TW Faction)

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Scotland is a faction located in the north of Great Britain. Despite its position however, it has always been oppressed by England to the south and it is up to the player to make England submit to Scottish rule. Playing as Scotland will yield an interesting campaign with the goal of uniting Britain and capturing the holy city of Jerusalem.

Scotland (M2TW Faction)
Faction Symbol for Scotland
Name: Kingdom of Scotland
From Game: Medieval II: Total War
Culture: Northern European


Starting Position

Scotland's Starting Position.

Scotland start far North of the map next to England.

Their settlement is;

  • Edinburgh: Capital - Large Town

Campaign objectives

  • Long campaign: Hold 45 regions including: Jerusalem
  • Short campaign: Hold 15 regions including: Eliminate England.


Scottish Generals Bodyguard.
  • Missle Infantry
    • Peasant Archers
    • Highland Archers
    • Noble Highland Archers
  • Light Cavalry
    • Border Horse
    • Merchant Cavalry Militia
    • Knights Hospitaller
    • Knights Templar
    • Feudal Knights
    • Mailed Knights
  • Missle Siege
    • Ballista
    • Catapult
    • Trebuchet
    • Bombard
    • Mortar
    • Ribault
    • Culverin

Faction Details

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Scotland Details (M2TW Faction)

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