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Sergeant Spearmen (M2TW Unit)

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Sergeant Spearmen are professional warriors, drawn from the lower classes. They have some skill in combat and have been better trained and equipped than levied troops. Their large shields, and spears make them a solid defensive unit, able to resist attacks from both foot and horse, so long as they are well supported. If necessary they can form a defensive circle.


Sergeant Spearmen are a step above the Spear Militia. They have more attack and defense skill than them and retain the bonus against cavalry, as well as higher morale, and a slight bigger charge bonus at the cost of being slighty more expensive to train and upkeep. Still they share the same problem of having no base armor, meaning they lack staying power in a prolonged fight. They are decent early game spearmen if you have access to them, capable of adequately holding a battle line and their usefulness can be extended by armor upgrades. Nevertheless they should be replaced with stronger infantry units if given the opportunity.


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