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Show err

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Basic guide to using the -show_err function in RTW and BI

-show_err is the basic error reporting system for RTW and BI, to activate it do the following:

Right click on the desktop shortcut you use to launch your game. Select properties. In the target line after the end " type a space and then -show_err

the finished line should look like: showerrhy1.jpg click apply and that should be done.

Please note that -show_err only gives message for the first problem it finds. You have to fix that before you get next message. Therefore if you have a non-fatal error that gives message, you do need to fix it, otherwise you won't get message for more serious problems.

Understanding messages given by -show_err

Once you have -show_err operating you will find that for some modding problems it very kindly gives you a reference to which file is wrong and gives you the line number where problem is located. (to find line number x use notepad, edit, go to function) Unfortunately a lot of the error messages it gives you are more difficult to understand. Some of the common confusing ones are listed below:

== Problems that crash or KTM without -show_err message == Some examples of modding problems that don't generate show_err message are listed below.

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