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Shyam Popat

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Shyam Popat joined in early 2006 under the name Spartacus_Popat. A Rome: Total War player, he came for the game and stayed for the people. Quickly finding his way around the site, Shyam delved into the Political Mudpit, the Ethos, Mores, et Monastica, the Vestigia Vetustatis and his most famous, the Praedae Billi, which would soon be called the Coliseum.


Shyam began his line of competitions with the "Roman History Trivia Quiz", lasting for many rounds and creating a foundation for his future quiz career. After this, he set up the "General Knowledge Quiz", in which there was controversy over cheating and Shyam found himself retiring from quizzes. This, however, was quickly ended when he came up with the best quiz of all, the "Caption Competition Quiz". Later, he began the "Who's Who" competition, which was extremely popular, and ended up having to create new versions of said competitions, like the "Simpsons'" competition. He goes by the nickname Shyam "the Hat" Popat on occasion.


Shyam was kicked out of TWC for a period of time after posting links that violated the ToS. After a few months, he returned, and was routinely put up for ostrakon as he still retained his Civitate badge. However, he voluntarily gave it up, and is now still a member amongst the rank and file.

Present Day

Now, Shyam is a citizen under Gary88, patron of Tankbuster and Heinz Guderian, and on his second term as a CdeC member.

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