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Silver Shield

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SilverShield Logo2.png

The Silver Shield is a publication on Total War Center that is written by members of the Silver Auxilia, a Local Moderators' group. The Silver Shield focuses on interviewing members, reviewing mods, and covering other community-related events.

The Silver Shield is a fairly new publication compared to others such as the Eagle Standard, but is well established in the forum. The once large team was recently shrunk to just a handful of writers and one artist.

Latest Edition

Volume VIII - Issue XIII

Read this edition here Contents:

  • Interview with Anthonius II on CBUR by Bolkonsky
  • Interview with Fortes by Okmin
  • Warcraft Total War by Ozy
  • Military journal of Nazgûl Killer
  • Silver Shield Classifieds

For earlier editions see the Silver Shield forum.

Current Staff

  • Bolkonsky is the current Editor in Chief of the Silver Shield, after taking over for Armatus in July 2011.
  • Armatus is the Deputy Editor and a founding member of the publication. He has written for many of editions of the Shield and is a strong supporter of TWC's local moderators.
  • Kipster (formerly KippyK) is a long-time reporter.
  • Tzar is the Silver Shield's resident artist; he creates the art stuff for each issue.
  • Okmin is the newest reporter for Silver Shield.


The Silver Shield was first founded on TWC in May 2009

The original team members were:

The first Silver Shield Edition can be found here.

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