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Skythikon (M2TW Unit)

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Skythikon (M2TW Unit)
Skythikon info thumbnail.jpg
Class Missile Cavalry
Unit Size 32
  • Composite Bow
  • Sword
  • Morale 3
    Melee Attack 6
    Ranged Attack 6
    Defence 3
    Charge Bonus 2
    Accuracy NA
    Range 125
    Ammunition 25
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 380
    Upkeep Cost 175
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit 6
    Building Requirements
  • Motte and Bailey
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can withdraw
  • Cantabrian circle
  • Hide forest
  • Sea_faring

  • Skythikon thumbnail.pngAsiatic Nomads, who serve the Byzantine Empire as horse archers, wearing little armour and armed with a composite bow.


    Skythikon is the Byzantine term used to describe the mainly Cuman, Asiatic Nomads, who serve the Byzantine Empire exclusively as horse archers. Accustomed to being on horseback in the plains and steppes of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region, these cavalrymen wear little armour and are armed with a composite bow and a small sword


    While weak compared to units such as the Vardariotai or the Byzantine Cavalry, both missile cavalry units available to the Byzantine Empire, the Skythikon are available at the lowest upgrade of a castle, meaning that no construction of special buildings is required. The Skythikon cost the same to maintain as the Byzantine cavalry, though they do have some noticeable differences between the two. Firstly, the Byzantine Cavalry is superior (though only minimally) in melee attack and defence stats as well as having armour, opposed to the Skythikon's lack of armour. On the other hand, the Skythikon is able to be recruited at smaller castles, removing the need to upgrade castle levels, though this advantage is only for early game, as well as having a faster mount. Overall, though, the Skythikon is more useful in the first 10 or so turns, though beyond that point their use becomes pointless, the Byzantine cavalry proving a better choice.


    • The Byzantium Empire Thumbnail.png Byzantine Empire
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