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Name: The Yuan Clan of Ye
From Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Playable: Yes

The Yuan Clan of Ye is one of the playable factions in Total War: Three Kingdoms. It is one of the 11 immediately playable in the base game, with no achievement or DLC requirements.

Historical Background

Start Position

The Yuan Clan starts in Ye Commandery. It's starting leader is Yuan Shao. Xu You, Yan Liang, Wen Chou also start as part of it. Yuan Tan, Yuan Xi, Yuan Shang, and Lady Liu start in its family tree.

Unique Mechanic

Lineage - A resource the Yuan Clan gains by forming alliances and coalitions and whenever the faction leader is leading an army. It can be spent to more easily pacify conquered settlements or recruit new characters.

Captain Retinues - The Yuan Clan can recruit field retinues led by captains that come at full strength.

The Yuan clan can also form alliances at the beginning of the game.

Unique Units

  • Warriors of Ye
  • Defenders of Hebei

Initial Dilemma

The Yuan Clan's dilemma focuses around the conflict between Han Fu and Gongsun Zan. You were able to convince Gongsun Zan about attacking Han Fu, so he is now asking you to aid him in this attack, but at the same time Han Fu is seeking refuge in your realm – and is willing to pass his lands on to you in return.

  1. Do you stand by your promise to Gongsun Zan and declare war on Han Fu?
  2. Or do you use this opportunity to increase the size of your realm by taking Han Fu into your fold, confederating his faction in yours and angering Gongsun Zan?
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