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Spain (M2TW Faction)

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Faction Symbol for Spain

Spain starts with 2 settlements:

  • Leon (Capital) (Large town)
  • Toledo (Castle)

Spain is one of the harder factions to play as it completely lacks spearmen in the early (and start of the high) period, except spear militia which are at best a sacrificial unit used to protect more important troops that cannot take a charge. This makes Spain quite weak when facing Catholic factions which rely on knights unless of course the Spanish crown buys some mercenary spearmen. In the late game, Spain lacks heavy armor piercing infantry, which will take its toll on Spanish armies fighting against other Catholic factions. However, as most of their troops have light armor and are used to fighting in hot weather, Spain has an advantage when fighting Muslim armies as well as the Aztecs. Spain also has an effective navy, being able to field grand carracks instead of the normal carracks. Iberia itself, is contested by 3 factions, and Spain is in the fairly weak position of having a Portuguese province either side of it and the Muslim Moors to the south. However, there are also great opportunities with nearby rebel provinces, and lots of nearby Muslim armies to fight in order to gain Papal favor.


Spanish infantry is at best, average, until the high period, where Spain are one of the few factions that gain access to Sword and Buckler men, as well as Tercio pikemen, who are both effective and Tercio pikemen unique to Spain (Sicily also has Sword and Buckler men as well). They also have access to dismounted Conquistadors, who are trainable in the new world only, and are well suited to fighting its natives. If playing with a mod which allows dismounted Knights of Santiago, they are highly effective swordsmen, offering Spain a unit of heavy infantry which is a niche it under performs in.


Spain make use of the average knights available to the other catholic factions, but also gain Jinetes, who can be trained in cities with a bullring. Jinetes are excellent light cavalry that can protect the main Spanish army from other catholics knights if used correctly (work in pairs, draw off units of knights from the enemies main army with the jinites' javelins, then charge into the rear of the unit, and if necessary, charge with the second unit of the pain, though this tactics will likely get your cavalry killed if the enemy have a good amount of effective missile troops) Spain is one of two factions that also get Knights of Santiago, who are a match for all other knightly orders. Spain also gets to use Gendarmes, which are professional heavy cavalry of the late period.


Spain make use of the average crossbow armed missile units available to all factions, but also used Javelinmen and Almugavars. At a stretch they can also enter melee and give a good account of themselves, however, neither is a match for true melee units.

Spain also uses musketeers, who, although weak in melee, have a long range and are quite effective at neutralising the foot knights used by Spain's neighbors.

Spanish artillery is also of the highest quality, with access to the fearsome Basilisk cannons


Spanish forces give the feel of commanding a light, fast, and flexible army that is well suited to ambushes and skirmishing against heavier catholic knights, however they also posses units that are capable at siege assault, as well as a powerful navy. Due to their ability to train cavalry in cities, its possible to take all of Iberia and defend it with only two castles, making the faction a potential economic powerhouse, especially when considering the relative closeness of Timbuktu and all the riches that province possesses. Spain are unfortunately a long way from the Holy Land, so any crusades will almost certainly have to travel by sea.

Although they rely on light troops, Spain should in no circumstances be underestimated as an enemy.

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