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Spain (RTW Faction)

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Spain (RTW Faction)
Spain Faction Symbol-Vanilla.png
Name: Spain
From Game: Rome: Total War
Culture: Barbarian/Carthaginian Fusion
Playable: No, unlockable with simple file change

Spain is one of the factions in Rome: Total War designed to be non-playable. However they can be made playable by simple modifications to the game files (more information on which can be found here).

Game Play

Starting Position

Spain Starting Position (Click to enlarge)

They start occupying half of Spain on the Iberian Peninsula. They are bordered by Carthage and Gaul.

Their cities are:

  • Scallabis: Spanish Capital; Region - Lusitania
  • Asturica: Spanish Large Town; Region - Gallaecia
  • Carthago Nova: Spanish Town; Region - Hispania
  • Osca: Spanish Town; Region - Taraconenis

Victory conditions

  • Long Campaign: Hold 50 provinces including Rome.
  • Short Campaign: Hold 15 provinces and outlast or destroy Carthage.


Spain General's Bodyguard.

Spain is an heavily infantry focused faction, because of their Bull Warriors, an extremely useful light infantry unit with 2 hitpoints that can form a very strong battleline. Bull Warriors essentially make the faction. Their cavalry is decent early on but falls behind a bit in the late game. They have no Spearmen worthy of mention. Their missiles are very poor except for Balearic Slinger Mercenaries. Their early roster is quite weak, similar to Carthage except with the addition of Naked Fanatics.

  • Missile
    • Slingers
    • Balearic Slingers
    • Skimishers
  • Siege
    • Onagers

Unique Units

Scutarii: Scutarii are well-equipped light infantry armed with swords, shields and heavy javelins.

Bull warriors: Bull warriors are men whose bravery, stamina and skill are unmatched. These elite fighters are shock troops.

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