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  • ...m Herenow|<font color="#CC6600;">t</font>]] / [[Special:Contributions/I Am Herenow|<font color="#CC6600;">c</font>]]</sup>''' 15:59, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
    456 bytes (69 words) - 08:59, 31 December 2008
  • ...ays now so I'll see if there are any suitable articles or suggestions when I get back. --Perikles 11:18, 16 May 2007 (CDT) ...which might not be too bad - and if anyone wants something a little unholy I'm about to try and update EoD's!
    29 KB (4,797 words) - 04:45, 4 June 2021
  • ...w and re-textured campaign map which extends slightly further east than EB I, the possibility of re-emergent or hording factions, and a complex area of ...noi''' (Briton faction in southern Britannia - replacing the Casse from EB I)
    15 KB (2,150 words) - 12:29, 18 February 2021