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Stradiots (M2TW Unit)

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Stradiots (M2TW Unit)
Stradiots info.png
Class Light Cavalry
Unit Size 32
  • Spear
  • Mace
  • Morale 9
    Melee Attack 10
    Ranged Attack NA
    Defence 6
    Charge Bonus 5
    Accuracy NA
    Range NA
    Ammunition NA
    Region Global
    Recruitment Cost 610
    Upkeep Cost 210
    Turns to Build 1
    Unit Limit 4
    Building Requirements
  • Kings Stables
  • Technology Requirements None
  • Can formed charge
  • Can withdraw
  • Hardy
  • Hide forest
  • Sea faring

  • Stradiots thumbnail.png Armed with spear and mace, these unique troops are renowned for their ferocity.


    In the latter half of the 15th century, the Venetians introduced the Stradiots. Hailing from Albania, these Albanian warriors dress in Turkish fashion and wear padded or light mail armour and helmets. Armed with spear and mace, these unique troops are renowned for their ferocity, and for their lack of discipline.


    Stradiots are a rather good light cavalry unit, who, though appearing to be weak, are quite strong due to their armour piercing mace. The stradiots are also quite fast, meaning that they can usually out run enemy cavalry units. They are exceptional for attacks against missile units or for rear charges against melee units but should avoid direct confrontation with heavy cavalry units or even any confrontation at all. They also require a high level stables to be recruited and thus are usually only seen in the late game.


    • Venice Thumbnail.png Venice
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