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Sun Ce (TW3K Character)

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Sun Ce (TW3K Character)
Sun ce.png
Name: Sun Ce
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Sun Clan of Wu
Faction Leader: No
Style Name:Bofu
Title:General who Exterminates Rebels, Marquis of Wu, Prince Huan of Changsha (posthumously)

Sun Ce is a unique character in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

The eldest child of Sun Jian and his wife Lady Wu, Sun Ce was born in 175AD, before his family had achieved much prestige. Following the death of his father in 191AD, a teenage Sun Ce eventually went to join Yuan Shu in Shouchun, whereupon he was given a few troops and sent to pacify the lands south of the Yangtze in his patron’s name. Joined by his uncles, some of his father’s old comrades, and his childhood friend Zhou Yu, Sun Ce was emphatically successful in conquering the chaotic lands of Jiangdong, supposedly for Yuan Shu. Many officers who would soon become famous joined him during this time, and before long he had conquered most of the settled regions of Jiangdong.

With a stable foothold, soaring reputation, and a loyal, veteran army, all he really needed to strike out on his own as a warlord was an excuse, and Yuan Shu quickly gave him one when he attempted to declare a new Zhong dynasty with himself as its head. Sun Ce joined most of the rest of the ostensibly loyal vassals of the Han in condemning this and assisting in putting it down. Many of Yuan Shu’s former troops ended up joining his burgeoning state.

Things seemed set for him to contest Cao Cao and the other warlords for control of the empire, but while he was still making plans for a northern expedition towards Cao Cao’s base at Xu city (Cao Cao was away dealing with Yuan Shao), he was ambushed while hunting by retainers of one of the many men he had killed during his conquest of Jiangdong. Shot in the jaw, he managed to survive long enough to designate his younger brother Sun Quan as his heir before dying in 200AD, at the age of 25. Sun Quan would posthumously name his brother an imperial prince (though not emperor) when he establish the Wu dynasty.

Start Location

Sun Ce starts as a part of the family tree of The Sun Clan of Wu as a minor

Start Overview




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