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Sun Jian

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Sun Jian
Sun jian.png
Name: Sun Jian
Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms
Culture: Han
Starting Faction: The Sun Clan of Wu
Faction Leader: Yes
Style Name:Wentai
Title:Inspector of Yu Province,

General Who Routs the Caitiffs, Marquis of Wucheng,

Emperor Wulie of Wu (posthumously)

Sun Jian is one of the 12 playable starting warlords in the Total War: Three Kingdoms grand campaign.

Historical Background

Born in 155AD to a family without prestige or position in Wu Commandery, Yang Province, south of the Yangtze, Sun Jian was the definition of a self made man in Later Han. He started out as a county government worker, but made his name when he defeated a band of pirates by himself while on a trip, then took part in the suppression of a local revolt, charmed a young woman from a much better family into marrying him, and got recommended to the Imperial civil service.

He spent much of his mid-career as an administrator to a few counties around the empire until the Yellow Turban Rebellion. Known as a brave man from the south, he was singled out by Zhu Jun, an imperial general also from Wu Commandery, to recruit volunteers and assist him in putting down the revolt. He did so and was commended for bravery to the Imperial court. He then accompanied Zhu Jun to Liang Province to put down a revolt among non-Chinese auxiliaries and local Chinese officials. The expedition ended in disaster when the commanding generals disregarded the advice of him and another provincial upstart named Dong Zhuo, which got the army divided and scattered. Reinforcements from the capitol finally put down the rebellion, but the damage was done and Sun Jian went home to become prefect of Changsha.

After Dong Zhuo seized control of Luoyang, Sun Jian traveled north to join the coalition. He gathered a large force of family friends and spirited adventurers and put down Dong loyalists and troublemakers along the way. Yuan Shu took a liking to him and sponsored him as the Inspector of Yu Province and an imperial general. Meeting Dong Zhuo’s army under Xu Rong at Yingcheng, Sun Jian lost the first battle, but quickly turned the tables, defeating Lu Bu and Hua Xiong (who was killed) at Yangren then defeating Dong Zhuo himself at Dagu, taking the remains of the imperial capitol where he reportedly found the imperial seal, which he then gave to Yuan Shu.

The Coalition splintered after it became clear that chasing Dong Zhuo to Chang’an through the fortified mountain passes wasn’t an option. Still Yuan Shu’s client, Sun Jian became embroiled in the conflict between him and Yuan Shao, and was sent to attack Yuan Shao’s ally, Liu Biao, in Jing Province. Despite being initially victorious, Sun Jian was ambushed and killed during the pursuit of Liu Biao’s general Huang Zu in 191AD. When Sun Quan established the Wu dynasty, Sun Jian was posthumously named the first emperor.

Start Location

Sun Jian starts as the faction leader of The Sun Clan of Wu, in Changsha Commandery, though the army he is in is to the north, near the capitol.

Start Overview




Sun Jian starts with his historical wife, Lady Wu. His children, Sun Ce, Sun Quan, and Sun Ren are all in his family tree.

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