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Swiss Confederation (ETW Faction)

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Swiss Confederation (ETW Faction)
SwissConfederation FlagETW.png
Name: Swiss Confederation
From Game: Empire: Total War
Religion:Catholic (most likely)
Culture: European

The Swiss Confederation is a cancelled minor faction from Empire: Total War.


The faction's starting position would have been in the Alpine region of Europe, however, along with the faction's cancellation the region was also removed and replaced by 'wilderness'. The flag used by the faction is the historical flag of the pre-Napoleonic Swiss Confederation, using a thinner greek cross than the one used today. However the flag proportion is incorrect with the ratio being historically 1:1 rather than 1:2. In terms of units available, the faction is able to recruit the typical European infantry, cavalry & artillary units.

Other information regarding the faction, particularly its religion, are not known. Switzerland was historically a loose confederation (more a system of complex and overlapping alliances than a coherent political union) of Protestant and Catholic counties or 'cantons' with neither claiming supremacy over the other within the country as a whole, which led to several internal conflicts over it's history. However, it can be assumed that Catholicism would have been used as the state religion in-game as it was, and remains, the most predominant form of Christianity in the region.

It would have been one of the few factions (along with the United Provinces, Venice and Genoa) that starts as a republic in the Grand Campaign.

While it cannot be used in the Grand Campaign, it can be used in custom battles through modding.

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