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TWC Blogs

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Blogs at TWC are housed within the Content Management System (aka CMS). While TWC it's a Total War games fan site, its community is big enough to host some passionate and productive bloggers. Whether they are writing about games, life, traveling, sport or what's not, if you are interested in knowing what they have to tell you, please refer directly to the TWC Bloggin Hub[1]



Flinn [2] is a known Dudeist, alcoholic, Staffers abuser and corrupted politician; he's been posting Blogs since July 2019.

CMS%20BLOG%20Silver%20small.png Flinn has been awarded with the CMS Blogger Award Silver Medal on November 2019, upon reaching his 12th Blog post.


  • The Dude goes into politics series[3]; discover how I decided to further ruin my life by joining the infamous ranks of the Italian Public Administrators!
  • The life of a winemaker[4]; because after all I've managed to do something good in my life.. come and learn how to mess with ageless old traditions!
  • The fine art of Wild Camping[5]; It's not what you think, quite the opposite I'm sure... life can be great everywhere, included in the middle of nowhere!
  • The Dude's thoughts[6] I mean, I'm better than the most of you, so just sit there and let me illuminate you!

Original Member Diaries and Blogs

The Writers' Study hosts a forum called TWC Member Blogs which contains some interesting early 'blogs' by TWC members simply using the forum thread format. It is still possible to post in this section but it has largely been superseded by the CMS system described above.

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