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The TWC Wiki is intended to form a comprehensive evolving reference about the Total War series of games. It can include any subject relating to the whole TW Community, the series of games, the people, mods and modding. Other topics can also be included for instance articles on history, geography and archaeology which might be useful in modding or understanding the games. Articles relating to useful software, links to other useful sites and reference material would also be suitable.

Detailed information is also given about the TWC forums.

Anyone (with an account) can edit existing pages on the TWC Wiki, add new pages and add or amend categories. The success of the Wiki depends on as many people as possible lending a hand to add content and refine the existing articles.

TWC Wiki Team

The TWC Wiki Team is the branch of Content Staff responsible for updating and maintaining the TWC Wiki.

We are always looking for new people to join our team and help out working on the Wiki. If you are interested then please contact the current Wiki Director, makanyane (PM Talk) who will be more than happy to talk to you about joining the team or answer any questions you might have. Previous experience editing a Wiki is not required, but if you have some then that is fantastic!

Wiki Director

This Member is tasked with overseeing the TWC Wiki and answers to the Content Hex.

If you're interested in helping out, or have any questions, please contact the current Wiki Director: makanyane (PM Talk)

View the list of former Wiki Directors below:

Former Directors

Initially the Wiki Director was a curial position in which directors were elected by the curia.

  • Perikles: The first Wiki editor.
  • Makanyane: Next elected Editor but resigned her Citizenship and therefore Editor position before the end of her first term.
  • Scorch: Served two terms.
  • Spiff: One term.
  • Thanatos: One term.

On September 17, 2008 an amendment was passed in which this became a non-elected position since the entire Wiki branch had been integrated into the Content Staff.

Current Team

Editing Advice

Unlike Wikipedia, or other Wiki's, users without an account cannot edit pages. Users must be logged in in order to edit pages. If you have previously created a wiki account by logging in with your TWC account details, that username and password will still be useable. Unfortunately, that function is not currently available to make new accounts. If you have not yet created a wiki account you will need to log-in to TWC and request a Wiki account here, all forum users are encouraged to have wiki accounts even if it is just to access the viewing preference options.

Users must obey TWC Terms of Service whilst editing the Wiki, breaches of the ToS on the Wiki may result in sanctions being applied to the forum users TWC account. Additionally, users must obey the TWC Wiki Policy & Guidelines.

See the side bar link for Help & editing advice to find basic editing advice and things to do to help the wiki.

For an on forum guide to editing the Wiki see here, questions may also be asked in that thread. See also the Wikimedia Editing help for general information.

If you are stuck with a specific problem and want to ask other users please use the Help Desk.

Sysops and Bureaucrats

Bureaucrats can promote and demote users (including other Bureaucrats). Sysops (a.k.a. Wiki Admins) can edit protected pages, block users, protect and unprotect pages, delete and undelete pages, and other things in that vein-this is usually reserved for members of the TWC Wiki Team. The Wiki Director, admins, and senior moderators are usually bureaucrats. Everything is extensively logged and easily reversible, so abuse of privileges isn't likely to pose a serious problem.


If you'd like to support the Wiki on the TWC forum by using a Wiki sig bar, these images are available:

Wiki-sig1.jpg - by Cedric37

Wiki-sig2.png - by Lifthrasir

History of the TWC Wiki

The idea of TWC hosting a Total War Wiki was first raised by Professor420 in this thread in 2006. At that time the site was owned by Ogre and integrating a Wiki on the TWC server was not possible. At start-up General Sun provided a separate hosting arrangement for the Wiki. After Imb39 purchased the site that wiki was transferred here to the TWC domain.

Initially, the Wiki Director was a curial position in which directors were elected by the curia, a curial committee was also created which can be viewed in the archives here. The entire Wiki branch was subsequently integrated into the Content Staff, and in 2008 an amendment was passed in which the Wiki Director became a non-elected staff position.

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