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TWC Wiki:Administration Roles

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The TWC Wiki uses the MediaWiki software, which has a certain number of default roles that can be given to users. These often, but do not necessarily correspond with a user's position in Wiki-related staff. Wiki-related staff are the Hexagon Council who hold these rights for oversight and update of key information (such as the TWC Official:Terms of Service and Staff when their department lists change) and the Wiki Team who manage the wiki and help produce its content. The Hex and the Wiki Director are entitled to Bureaucrat + Sysop rights; wiki team members may receive Sysop as needed for their function. Other rights of lesser importance exist and may be given as appropriate. This page will explain them for reference. A technical breakdown can be found here: Special:ListGroupRights.

Any inquiries (including joining the Wiki Team) should be taken to the Wiki Director: Vacant - please contact a Content Hex

Or the following admins:

List of Roles


Can change the rights of anyone, including each other as well as rename users. Hexagon Council and Wiki Director only.


Also known as Sysop. This is not to be mistaken for the Hexagon Council. Nearly every permission on the wiki is available to this group except the above. Hexagon Council, Wiki Director and approved staff/users only.

Interface Administrators

Rights to edit the wiki's Javascript and CSS. Technically speaking these rights are already included in the Sysop group, therefore this does not to be given if someone has it.

Check User

Allows select users to 'check' the IP of an editor. Also only afforded to the key handlers of the wiki.


A Wiki term for users who monitor new changes for accuracy and content quality. Wiki team members often receive this, in addition to prolific editors. This right is largely cosmetic as anyone can review Special:RecentChanges and 'patrol' new edits, and anyone who can is encouraged to.

Autoconfirmed Users

A technical role; after a certain amount of edits and time users will get this right automatically so they can edit 'semi protected' pages.


Bots are tools with an account alias set up by wiki managers to perform automated technical tasks. The one example is MakBot, which was used to perform some tasks by the prolific Director Makanayne. Not to be confused with web crawlers or spambots, neither of which have (or could have) accounts here.