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TWC Wiki:Administration Roles

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Wiki Administration Roles are types of roles that users can have on the wiki. These are different from Staff ranks and are given on an 'as needed' basis for permissions. They were once given liberally to Citizens who asked for, say, sysop; now they are reserved mainly for the Wiki Director and interested Hexagon Council members. The permissions for each group are set within the MediaWiki software the wiki runs on. The details of the permissions and links to the lists of users in each group can be found on Special:ListGroupRights

The need for assignment to a special user group should not come up unless special circumstances apply, such as being a forum administrator looking to work in a protected area or if a party in power seeks to make a bot. Please direct all inquiries (including joining the actual Wiki Team) To the Wiki Director: makanyane (PM Talk)

Or the following admins:

List of Roles


Users who can change the groups of anyone on the wiki, including themselves and wiki admins. Hexagon Council and Wiki Director only.


Also (and more clearly) known as Sysop. Not to be mistaken for the Hexagon Council, and should only be taken in context of conversation. Near 100% permissions on editing technical parts of the wiki. Hexagon Council and Wiki Director only; exception, the MakBot.

Interface Administrators

An overlap of above for editing visual aspects of the wiki (the Javascript and CSS). It is a potential security risk, thus afforded only to the key handlers (interested hex + director) at a given time.

Check User

Allows select users to 'check' the IP of an editor. Also only afforded to the key handlers of the wiki.


A Wiki term for users who monitor new changes and make sure they are correct, wiki team members will often be assigned Patroller status. All users who are interested can check recent edits by viewing Special:RecentChanges, patroller status is not needed to help with that.

Autoconfirmed Users

A technical role to distinguish from bots, and very recent accounts. This would be more relevant if the wiki was open registration. It is not, thus this role is largely redundant here.


Bots are special tools set up by wiki managers to perform tasks. MakBot is assigned Bot status but isn't actually an automated Bot, but an account the Wiki Director was using for some automated wiki functions.

Bots are not to be confused with web crawlers, which simply come in and index wiki pages and spambots, which are quite unlikely due to how registration works here.