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TWC Wiki:Copyrights

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Unlike Wikipedia and some other wikis, the TWC Wiki does not operate under a GFDL license system. That means, unfortunately, that if you want to copy anything from the TWC Wiki for use elsewhere, we can not give you permission to do so. If you can identify the original author you can, of course, attempt to ask them privately for permission.

Please do not submit other peoples Copyrighted work to the Wiki. Please note "All works are copyrighted unless either they fall into the public domain or their copyright is explicitly disclaimed." For some more information on the general principles of copyright see Wikipedia:Copyrights. Please note that the TWC Wiki does not use the GFDL License referred to in that article, so those elements do not apply to this Wiki.

Other Sites as Sources

The sites people are most likely to be tempted to copy things from:

Wikipedia has a policy which allows other GFDL License users to re-use information, as we don't use that license we can not copy pages from Wikipedia.
http://www.totalwar.com/ says some fairly unfriendly things about not copying from them
You may not without the prior written consent of The Creative Assembly and its Licensees:
display, publish, copy, print, post or otherwise use totalwar.com and the information contained therein for the benefit of any other website;
http://forums.totalwar.org and probably most other forums have a similar policy to TWC that the content of the post remains the responsibility of the original poster. If you spot anything very useful on other forums you could try to contact the poster to request permission to re-use here. (please be very polite if doing that and bear in mind that other forums may see the TWC Wiki as a competing website)

If in any doubt link to the information instead of copying it, and provide your own summary of the information for the Wiki.