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TWC Wiki:Namespaces

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The concept of namespaces can be best explained by viewing Mediawiki's Namespace Manual for information on Wikipedia see here.

Any sysop who knows CSS can change things like default page color and design according to namespace, at MediaWiki:Common.css and MediaWiki:Twc.css (and MediaWiki:Monobook.css and other skin-specific CSS files). The few people with shell or FTP access to the site (primarily GrnEyedDvl) can change some extra things about namespaces too, like who can edit them; whether they show up in search results by default; whether subpages are allowed in them; what if any aliases they might have; and whether robots are instructed to index them or follow links from them.

Current Usage

The TWC Wiki currently uses the default Wikimedia set up.

The following namespaces are actively in use:


"Real" content; articles - Has no prefix


User pages; profiles - Prefix User:

- generally re-directing to article pages due to high degree of overlap between users and 'subjects'
- can be used with sub pages eg. User:username\sandbox for experiments and developing articles etc.


Information about the wiki - Prefix is TWC_Wiki:

- currently contains some policy info and descriptions of sysop roles etc..


editing help or links to it - Prefix is Help:


Media description pages - Prefix is Image:

- uploaded files automatically go to this namespace


Template pages - Prefix is Template:

- for making universal templates that can be applied via use of {{template}} to other pages


Category description pages - Prefix is Category:


Template pages - Prefix is TWC:

- for TWC official documents only

For suggested changes or additions to namespaces please use the discussion page of this article.