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TWC Wiki:TWC Coloured Skin Project

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This isn't the highest priority but since it's already had a lot of work done on it, it would be nice to get to completion!

Current wiki colour scheme matched forum when it looked like:


User:CommodusIV has tested some experimental css schemes to make the Wiki look more like the current forum default.

If we come up with an agreed new scheme Mak can implement it on MediaWiki:Twc.css which applies to the wiki default skin. The existing default scheme could get transferred to the currently vanilla MonoBook one for anyone that's attached to it.

To trial please test in User:Your_Name/monobook.css and switch to viewing Monobook in your preferences, so you don't have the added confusion of passing through the Twc.css.

Please view;

with your proposed skin alterations to check effects and add adjustments for the common classes if necessary.

If you need new classes added to MediaWiki:Common.css to allow for further per skin variations contact User:Makanyane

History of Test's.css at this link shows elements in silly colours which may (or may not) be useful to find items.