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TWC Wiki:TWC Info Project

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Overall project for trying to rationalise and update information about the Total War Center itself on the wiki.

Work in progress drafts can be at TWC Wiki:TWC Info Project/sub-page-name for shared contributions, or in User: space for solo work. Please post links here to any drafts you want to discuss


Reduce the number of links from the front page that go to small/dead-end pages about minor features of TWC. Restrict links from the front page to three major pages about TWC, that then link in a more structured way to other things.

An example simplified front page is here

Main pages to link to would be;

The Imperator's Concept

Originally, a draft was attempted that outright removed the Community Portal in an effort to summarize the website on the TWC page. That effort became too unwieldy and ultimately failed its premise. Some of the ideas, however, may still have merit. They would be executed thus.

  • Front page refers to three directions: TWC, game information, and mods. A page to encompass the ideas of each would broadly cover each 'goal' of the Wiki. The main sources would be Total War Center, Modding Portal, and Total War Series. All three pages would serve as information hubs and be the starts of their respective trees.
    • Total War Center the page itself should give a summary of the website and all its offerings, to compliment TWC:FAQ. Respective categories would be Competitions, News & Publications, Modding, Game Sections, Community, Discussions, Awards, Staff and whatever else is key from the forums, including mention of the Curia. How exactly these are conveyed is discretionary.
      • When possible, links to staff branches should be provided, which should then act as information 'hubs' for each respective aspect, as well as be able to trim down how much is needed on the TWC page itself. Here lies the tricky part - distributing information about TWC evenly across these pages. The structure should not be too 'deep' by following links alone.
    • Modding Portal should lead to each game's modding resources on the wiki. Those resources are respective modding portals, modding indexes, and mod lists. These will cover highlights for each game, tutorials and resources for modders, and ultimately, serve as a definitive resource for finding the 'mod you want' on the forum.
    • Total War Series is the most complete, simply leading to each publicly released aspect of the franchise. Each game, DLC, expansion, and so on, perhaps alongside any key announcements. If there is any page about official CA stuff outside of modding and TWC, this section should cover it.