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The following is intended with this draft/project:

  • Make the Total War Center page the hub for finding links to all site sections and finding a gist of what each area does
  • Mention/explain the other areas in brief, or link out to pages for them as well
  • Disband the Community Portal; its contents will join the front page, modding portal and others, while the text is blended in here
  • Turn the front page into a hub that links to all major portals of the wiki (and this page)

All are welcome to contribute, but please, communicate if you intend to make sweeping additions or changes to this. If you don't like the plan but see stuff you can bake into your own work, feel free to use whatever between structure, text, and formatting.

Total War Center

twc desc blurb


Front Page

The Front Page highlights notable events from the community, links to various content publications and affiliates, offers some of the latest forum posts and links to each of the main sections listed here.

The content is also found in the Front Page Announcements Forum and often features in the articles section. It is managed by the News Team.


Please see the Forum & Community Breakdown for a section-by-section description

The Forums are where the heart of the site lies, featuring almost all of the site publications in their entirety, over a decade of history and knowledge across the series and the community, competitions and awards, and much more.

Aside from the various sections and other areas mentioned here, the Forums have additional links in their navigation:




Forum & Community Breakdown


Total War Discussions

Content Areas

Community Areas

Discussion and Debate

Site Administration and Curia

Awards, Bling and Participation

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