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Project is to replace the current Total War Center page - the links to FORUM sections currently on that should now be on The Community Portal- this page should now provide the links to all other TWC info ON THE WIKI and general description/short history stuff


This page is designed to explain a little about the Total War Center and show you where to find more information about the site on this wiki.

To find direct links to the forum, information about where to post, what to enter, and where to find interesting articles please see the The Community Portal.

For the site's rules please see the Terms of Service.

For the answers to frequently asked questions please see the TWC:FAQ

About Total War Center

The Total War Center is one of the largest and oldest Total War fan sites on the internet. The site features:

  • An extensive community that spans across game versions and generations.
  • Regularly updated news and articles.
  • A vast array of hosted modifications for every Total War game.
  • A vast discussion board for topics ranging far beyond the Total War series of games.
  • A system of Citizenship.
  • Competitions and awards.

The day to day running of the site is done by the Administrators and Moderators. TWC is also home to the Curia.

A Brief History

The origins of today's Total War Center start with a small site under the name mtw.gamercastle.com. When the gamercastle.com domain closed in 2003 the site's founders moved to www.legiontotalwar.com and adopted the name Total War Centre (note English spelling of name!).

Visual History

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