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Looking for ways to help the Wiki? Please see below!


The Special Pages area gives access to a variety of Maintenance Reports that can be used to find things that need fixing on the Wiki.

Clean Up and Stubs Categories

Look in Category:Cleanup and Category:Stubs for things that other people have marked as in need of work, and pick something that interests you to work on. Also whilst viewing the Wiki if you spot more things that should be in those categories for others to fix (there are probably a lot) add {{Cleanup}} or {{stub}} to the article so it gets sent to the relevant category. In the case of 'Cleanup' please also explain what you think needs to be done to the article on its discussion page.

Regular Updates

These areas of the Wiki are designed to have regularly changed or updated content.

Mod Finder Tables

The Mod Finder Tables should be updated with the date of any new release or update, and new mods should be added to the tables.


The portal pages are all designed in the expectation of having some sorts of regular updates, such as changes to the mod-spotlights or the lists of 'recent' releases. Please feel free to update the lists or change spotlights. The only exception would be if there's a note in comments on the spotlight saying it should remain in place until 'x' date.


New and expanded content about the Total War Games their Mods and Modding, and about the Total War Center is always welcome. The areas listed below are in particular need of attention:


The pages in Category:Curia have not yet been updated in line with the recent changes e.g. Curator > Consul, Praefectus's and opening the Proth'. It would be appreciated if someone familiar with the changes could sort that out!

Wiki Team Projects

The Wiki Staff are currently working on expanding the following sections, do feel free to edit these sections too, but if you are planning on doing a lot of work in the section please contact the Wiki Team to coordinate work.

Technical / Design Issues

These issues are likely to require staff members with access to the site-wide interface files to make the final edits to change css classes etc, but if you're interested in helping with these you can test and demonstrate possible solutions in your User pages by using your custom.css/.js pages.

Template Colours & CSS Classes

Templates such as Template:Mod Information Table have the background colour coded in for each cell. If possible we need to;

  • Make sure all similar templates use the same CSS class
  • Include the colour coding for heading sections etc in Common.css, preferably with bland grey Wikipedia type colouring to suit most standard skins.
  • Remove the background colour over-rides on the templates
  • Include an adjustment to the colour in the twc.css and any other custom skin.