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TWC Wiki:Things to do

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Looking for things to do to help the Wiki? Please see below!

For general editing advice please visit the help page.

Please add yourself as a volunteer to anything you join so we can keep track. To keep things organized, you may also link the page you're using to work on, and if it's a larger project or something you want proofread, please put your work in a sandbox page either on the project or through your wiki name. Ex, TWC Wiki:Things to do/Makayanne or User:Makayanne/Sandbox.

If you're overwhelmed, feel free to start with the Small Projects or Maintenance & Upkeep!

Questions and collaboration with regular contributors can be done through the discord, on the discussion at TWC or through this talk page.

Small Projects

Individual pages/areas to update. Anyone can add to this or volunteer.

  • Naval Battles - Either expand the page to offer more useful information about naval battles in the series, create a page for Rome 2 and other entries with naval battles in the same style as the existing pages, or both.
  • Hotseat - Flesh out and revise page contents.
  • SSHIP - Create a page for the Stainless Steel Historical Improvement Project, based off layouts from pages in Category:M2TW Mods (Hosted). Put down features, some screenshots, and useful information. Don't worry about being perfect, but if you need help, we're glad to offer it!
  • Eras Total Conquest - Put factions in tables, offer a little information on the campaigns, add pictures, summarize the information while adding more about the mod. An example of what can be done with other mod pages as well.
  • Custom Battle - Expand on this feature across the various games, as it never went past a very basic description for Medieval 2.

Maintenance & Upkeep

Things we should keep up on regularly. Anyone is free to help out.

The Special Pages area gives access to a variety of Maintenance Reports that can be used to find things that need fixing on the Wiki.

Clean Up and Stubs Categories

Look in Category:Cleanup and Category:Stubs for things that other people have marked as in need of work, and pick something that interests you to work on. Also whilst viewing the Wiki if you spot more things that should be in those categories for others to fix (there are probably a lot) add {{Cleanup}} or {{stub}} to the article so it gets sent to the relevant category. In the case of 'Cleanup' please also explain what you think needs to be done to the article on its discussion page.

Mod Finder Tables

The Mod Finder Tables should be updated with the date of any new release or update, and new mods should be added to the tables.


The portal pages are all designed in the expectation of having some sorts of regular updates, such as changes to the mod-spotlights or the lists of 'recent' releases. Please feel free to update the lists or change spotlights. The only exception would be if there's a note in comments on the spotlight saying it should remain in place until 'x' date.

Longer Projects

More ambitious projects for a longer period or that should be done with multiple people. If you want to add to these, please get in touch with the Wiki Team!

Total War Tutorial Indexes

Attempting to get up-to-date tutorial indexes for each game on the wiki, so that they can be updated in future instead of the forum versions.

  • Volunteer/s;

TWC Information Project

Trying to rationalise the way we organise information about TWC - and provide an easy path from the front page to information a new user would want to find about TWC (without dumping them into minor/dead-end pages).

Mod Pages Project

To add pages for active hosted mods that don't already have them. To improve the recommended template for the mod pages and improve the standardization across the existing mod pages.

Total War Players/Modders Information Project

To discuss and action ways the wiki could attempt to fill in the gaps in the information provided on the wiki and forum. And/or to improve navigation and accessibility of existing information.

Technical & Design Projects

Templates, skins and other technical wiki business. If you have skill in these areas, we'd love to have you!

No current projects. Default skin has been switched to TWC colours, DarkVector skin has had link colours changed. Please report any issues with these or other skins here: -

Wiki Team Projects

Projects being managed by Wiki Staff. You're free to help out, but please get in touch with the Wiki Team first.