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TWC Wiki:User Rights

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This page describes User Rights, a feature of the software this wiki uses. These are separate from the management of the wiki, which is governed by TWC's Content Hex and supervised by the Wiki Team with assistance from independent editors.

User rights are described at Mediawiki.org here: Manual:User rights

This page explains what user rights exist on TWC Wiki and how they are used. Note that these rights are not hierarchical: what would be an Administrator on TWC (including the rights of all lower staff) is a combination of user rights below. A bureaucrat may be able to assign any rights, but they have to assign administrator and interface administrator to themselves in order to use the permissions in either group.

Note that none of these rights grant the ability to edit core wiki files directly or update/change the software. That is exclusive to the Technical Staff.


Bureaucrats can assign or remove all rights listed including bureaucrat itself, and rename users.

It is held by Hex, the Wiki Director, and trusted former members of either group.


Administrators are also referred to as as Sysops. Nearly every permission on the wiki is available to this group except the above, and they can assign some of the user rights below. Highlights include editing most of the interface except those limited to Interface Administrator, placing blocks and checking user accounts in cases of abuse, and

It is held by Hex, the Wiki Director, Wiki Team members as needed, and trusted former members of either group.

Interface Administrators

Interface administrator contains the ability to edit critical interface pages including global CSS and JS for the wiki. These critical pages are isolated from the standard administrator access.

It is held by Hex, the Wiki Director, Wiki Team members as needed, and trusted former members of either group.

Auto/confirmed Users

New accounts may not be able to edit certain pages because they are 'semi protected', ie, they cannot be edited until someone is more established. Autoconfirmed is automatically gained when a user has been around 4 days and has made 10 edits. Confirmed may be assigned upon request if a page needs to be edited before these requirements are met.

Less used rights

Check User

Allows select users to 'check' the IP of an editor. This right is a part of the administrator kit, and is rarely needed on its own.


A Wiki term for users who monitor new changes for accuracy and content quality, using the 'patrol' feature of the wiki. Wiki team members may receive this, in addition to prolific editors. It is mainly assigned as an incentive and rarely sees use in modern editing, since the patrol feature is not typically required with TWC Wiki's editing traffic and more limited access.


Bots are sometimes used to perform actions autonomously. They are specially flagged on recent changes and are operated by one or more people, usually wiki team members. Example: MakBot, a bot used by former director Makanyane for mass text replacements. Please contact the Wiki Team or Content Hex if you wish to use a bot.