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Talk:Archer's Plot

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It's gone. Why?


Meiyogen keeps deleting it, luckily I have a copy... - Perikles

That's mean-spirited. Is he/she responsible for the mess at TWC as well? OTZ

Quite obviously yes, they must not be allowed to silence us - Perikles

Interesting. I can't say I've ever seen anything like this happen in all my time on the interweb. Arghhh...I keep hitting the edit button instead of discussion from Archer's Plot page, I hope this doesn't screw anything up. OTZ


I think it´s time to activate the new domain very soon...no time to sit and wait if someone can buy the TWC domain. And I first thought that this had only one conflict dimension (pro political - contra political) but it seems that it´s also the relationship between active staff/leading members vs. passive network owners in collaboration with certain members (Archer?) /C22.

The new site is waiting for Sim (who is jewish and therefore on the sabbath till sundown) to activate the DNS. Then the site should be up within 24 hours, there is chance it could take 3 days but not a big one. - Perikles


Maybe it´s me doing wrong, but isn´t this wiki acting a little bit strange? hmm... /C22.

oh, it's been deleted again...OTZ


OTZ, see if you could pm/e-mail me so then I maybe can get trough with whatever info you have, if that is the problem concerning the deletion of the info here /C22.

Don't wory guys I have a copy of the wiki...-Perikles


O.k. so they cut off the posting line for me too...how very mature. If I log out, will I come back under my nickname, or shall I do as everyone else, create a new account? /C22.

Apparently I am among the ranks of the martyred. Is there an alternative means for us to communicate and coordinate our efforts? - Manstein16


is the anaganese forum still around? I lost the link some time ago...OTZ edit: is http://www.totalwarhorde.net/ really the new site?


yep, this is a horde without any doubts... /C22.