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Oh my god... You have any forums left professor? I heard that you were banned from SCC as well... What are you going to do?

Also stupid as I am, who is Besin and what exactly is ogres. Is it like EZboard? Also does anyone rank above Besim? -Angmar nite

Yes, I was banned from SCC in similar circumstances. An administrator that was extremely detached from the community, who refused to listen to his members, and was destroying his site. And where is SCC now? Its lost its hosted mods and its lost its moderators and many of its members. Before you speak you should have an idea what you are talking about.

Amir created a duplicate account and claimed it was mine, and banned me. Can I be at fault for my permaban when the cause was something I didn't even do? Its what he had to do to get rid of me, because I had the support of almost all of the top 20 posters on the site, he couldn't just say 'I banned him because I didn't like him." Now shush.


Holy poo diss bring out the burnage machine! -.Socrates

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