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Located to the west of Narnia, Telmar was a land colonized first by men of Calormen 300 years after the creation of Narnia; where it is in relation to the Western Waste to Narnia's immediate west is unclear, however. (A map commonly found in the back of the books shows only a passage leading to Telmar in the west of Archenland, not far from Narnia.) The inhabitants purportedly found their way to a then-leaderless Narnia after "a great famine". More importantly, it is also the site of a 'chink' that leads from Earth to Narnia. Six pirates and their wives from our world were shipwrecked and fell through this gap into Telmar, producing lines of proud, warlike descendants, the Telmarines. These are the Telmarines who eventually invade Narnia, at the time in disorder, after a famine in their own land and attempt to rid the country of its magic. It is from this line of Telmarines that Prince Caspian (later King Caspian X) is descended.

The story of the pirates, mentioned at the end of Prince Caspian, is apparently based on the factual historical account of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty[citation needed]. It is not clear how, if this is so, the Telmarines would have a Northern European appearance, as is often assumed. However, even though Lewis refers to earlier Narnian humans and Archenlanders, "Northerners", as being light-skinned, being definitively descended from an English cabbie and his wife, the Telmarines (who invaded after earlier Narnian kings disappeared and presumably would have strong Polynesian ancestry) are never referred to as such. Despite this, the Telmarine Prince Caspian, his son Prince Rilian, and his descendant King Tirian have blond hair and blue eyes.

Family Tree

A family tree of the telmaries


Places in Telmar

Castle of Miraz: A castle in Narnia near that of the White Witch. It was inhabited by six Kings of Narnia, including Caspian VIII, Caspian IX, Miraz, and Caspian X. The final one presumedly only lived there until Cair Paravel was fit for habitation once more. The other two kings may have been other members in the line of Caspians. It is unknown where the Telmarine royal line resided before the castle was built, but they likely had an older castle elsewhere.

Miraz's castle: is where Caspian X lived in his youth. According to Cornelius the castle had been built by Caspian's great-great-grandfather, who was a Telmarine and may have been a Caspian

Miraz Catle in price caspian film ( released 16th may 2008 ) MirazCastle2.jpg

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